Monday, November 06, 2006

From: Gregory F. Reggie
Subject: Power to make war
Date: Thu 11/2/2006 5:33 PM

Dear Dean Velvel:

Thanks for including me in this email distribution and for your letter to the NYT reporters who incorrectly reported the state of the law regarding presidential power to make war. Sadly, our congress has completely abdicated its oversight and war-making powers. It’s hard to imagine that congress has not declared war since WWII, yet we have fought in Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq and Iraq II, to name a few.

Now it's getting worse as this president pushes his “unitary executive” theory, complete with signing statements that purport to interpret/override legislative intent and ignore the will of the people, imposing his astonishingly radical view of freedom and democracy. And absent courageous and clear voices like yours, the country is taken like silent sheep to be sheered, and worse. Respected voices in positions of trust, like yours, make a difference on the national level, while those of us in less visible roles preach the truth in our local communities. Thanks for your efforts, and know that a lot of us are standing right with you. I hope you will continue to speak out.


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