Friday, October 06, 2006

Comment on Moral Meltdown

Date: Fri 10/6/2006 7:16 AM
Subject: Re: Moral Meltdown.

Dear Larry
I'll illustrate my point with three somewhat similar events. First, some years ago, while in Houston, I got into a discussion with a secretary in a law firm who proceeded to tell me about her ex-husband's love affairs (while they were married), her revenge by having an affair, and their messy divorce. After she told me about her two young children, I asked if they had read any of the Harry Potter books. "Oh no," she responded, "those books are against the teaching of the church." Second, this past week, I was in Kansas City and while waiting in the court room (to testify) a woman was telling me about the battle with her ex-husband for customony of the children, again involving affairs, a new wife, step children, cheating, etc. And then she, said, "well, there's only one perfect person and that is Jesus. He reigns." Third, I just hear the leader of "Focus on the Family" (James Dobson) say that waht's wrong with this country is that some people don't believe in absolutes. When asked to name one absolute, he said, "Jesus is the son of God." Ergo, Jews, Muslims, Buddists, atheists, etc., all have no moral compass and are immoral by definition. As you can see, to many people, believing that Jesus is the son of God is morality trumps how one lives their life. I know you know all of this, but shrouding the immorality over the past 6 years in this country is an administration that gets many of its votes by pandering to the theoretical moralists who in reality, have many scurm bags in their midst.


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