Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Comments on Pretexting

To: velvel@mslaw.edu
Date: Mon 9/18/2006 10:55 AM
Subject: comments on pretexting

Men like Bonhoeffer, during the most trying of times, were never afraid to speak out against the evil. The fear of death prevents all too many from standing against the storm of evil, yet with their silence, they facilitate the death of a world.
I take it as the extreme insult for those sympathic to the current regime's foreign policy to castigate me for being in dissent. I and others of my time fought the undeclared war in Viet Nam and have not only struggled with the reality of that nightmare but have had to see this country remain in the control of those that never learn history's lessons.
How many more names on how many more walls and monuments will take for the bloodlust of the American ruling class to be sated?
Do Americans really prefer attending ceremonies honoring the dead to ceremoniously electing people to office that would prevent the causes of those deaths?
United we stand has a hollow ring in a land where the beacon of hope for humanity is now the spotlight shining down on dissenter's that understand the heavy price we will pay for our actions, casting us as the abettors of the enemy.
The great tragedy coming from the Bush policy is that all the deaths of Americans in previous wars will have gone for naught. They will have sacrificed not to bring peace to the world but to bring to power those that cause perpetual war.
It is the great shame that they will have died not in vain, but for a lie.
And the lie continues. Freedom does not ring in America.

denny cautrell
gainesville fl

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