Monday, October 02, 2006

Re: Poem

October 2, 2006

Re: Poem

Dear Colleagues:

A reader of my blog sent me the appended poem.

THE DECIDER *"I hear the voices and I read the front page and I know thespeculation," the president told reporters in the Rose Garden."But I'm the decider and I decide what's best. And what's bestis for Don Rumsfeld to remain as the secretary of defense."* *-------- George W. Bush* Well, it took me awhile, but I finally realized what "I'm thedecider," reminds me of. It sounds like something a character ina Dr Seuss book might say. So with apologies to the late Mr.Geisel, here is some idle speculation as to what else such acharacter might say: I'm the decider. I pick and I choose.I pick among whats. And choose among whos.. And as I decide Each particular day, The things I decide on All turn out that way. I decided on Freedom For all of Iraq. And now that we have it,I'm not looking back. I decided on tax cuts That just help the wealthy.And Medicare changes That aren't really healthy. And parklands and wetlands Who needs all that stuff?I decided that noneWould be more than enough! I decided that schools All in all are the best. The less that they teach And the more that they test. I decided those wages You need to get by,Are much better spent On some CEO guy. I decided your Wade Which was versing your Roe, Is terribly awful And just has to go. I decided that levees Are not really needed. Now when hurricanes come They can come unimpeded. That old Constitution? Well, I have decided- As "just Goddamn paper"* It should be derided. I've decided gay marriage Is icky and weird. Above all other things, It's the one to be feared. And Cheney and Rummy And Condi all know That I'm the Decider -They tell me it's so. I'm the Decider So watch what you say, Or I may decide To have you whisked away Or I'll tap your phones. Your e-mail I'll read. `cause I'm the Decider -Like Jesus decreed. * This is an exact Bush Quote! Now that I think about it, Dr. Seuss anticipated this administration pretty well when he wrote Yertle the Turtle

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