Tuesday, April 12, 2005

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From: dread pirate roberts
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Sent: Monday, April 11, 2005 9:44 PM
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Dean Velvel,

Thanks for such a thoughtful presentation of current reality. I just have to comment on the e-mail you received from victrade, your post on april 7. I guess that anything our government does is ok with victrade because we are fighting the good fight. Ignore the constitution? Well, we are at war. Torture? We are at war. How terrible of you (velvel) to criticize our own government for acting as immorally as those who oppose us. You dare suggest that we are as bad as those we struggle to overcome. You must be in favor of our enemies conquering us.

Victrade---they have won if we become them. Victrade---have you no appreciation of the strength of honesty and dignity? Of the rule of law? Well, obviously not. Oh yeah, marty peretz as the exemplar of morality. Spare me. So victrade----how about a rebuttal on a factual basis of the “chicom” analysis? Too tough? Just an admitted ad hominem attack will do? I don’t think so. Actually, how about a rebuttal of ANY of velvel’s assertions? Gosh, you might have to deal with facts. Maybe even law and ethics. Oh yeah. We’re at war. And what was that reference to france about? Check out “dominionism” victrade. It’s the “we’re right, so any lies, any torture, any trashing the constitution is allowed” view. Sound like the current administration? Sound like your rant? I think so.

Check out the fallacy of the strawman assertion while you’re at it. That’s in reference to your mention of pol pot, al zawahiri, islamic societies, stalinist societies, and france(?). Please feel free to use any part of my comments.

Yours from the mentally ill left,

dread pirate bob

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