Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Re: Stonewalling On Torture, And Blatant Hypocrisy

April 5, 2005

Thanks for visiting The Shameless Antagonist.

Since the first allegations of torture surfaced, I've been dismayed that the American public and media seems so eager to dismiss the charges as the actions of a small cadre of rogue soldiers acting at their own behest. It goes without saying the media is complicit in turning a blind eye.
For several years, I've been writing letters for Amnesty International, writing letters to my congressman, blogging about torture, renditions, etc., and I've felt as though I'm writing my objections in the current of a river (one laden with toxic sludge due to weakened environmental laws).

After reading Dr. Velvel's blog, I feel a renewed sense of purpose and hope. Such articulate, well-reasoned responses to our pro-torture government from such an illustrious voice deserve wider circulation. I plan to update my blog links to include Velvel on National Affairs, and will refer my readers to your blog frequently in the future.

Thanks so much for calling the blog to my attention.

Steve Lindstrom
email: lindstrom@stribmail.com

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