Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Check Out [four letter expletive deleted] France.com

March 22, 2005

Dear Colleagues:

I received the following message from and sent the following reply to Hulugu.

Lawrence R. Velvel, Dean
Massachusetts School of Law

March 22, 2005

Dear Hulugu:

It seems to me that the French conduct is an example of why we shouldn’t be doing some of the things we have been doing. As far as the French being unwilling to admit wrongdoing and complicity is concerned (as they have avoided admitting complicity in killing Jews in WWII, and as Japan has avoided admitting responsibility for horrible conduct in WWII), such unwillingness to admit terrible wrongdoing seems to me to be equally the story of our right wing with regard to such things as Nam and Gulf II.



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To: velvel@mslaw.edu
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Subject: Check out [four letter expletive deleted] france.com

- France admits torture and large-scale massacre in [Four letter expletive deleted]france.com - France admits torture and large-scale massacre in Algeria (1140732) - Read article: don't forget this the next time you visit gay paree

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