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Re: Ruminations on News of the Last Two Weeks

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oy --liberalism really IS a mental illness--you should be reading and quoting the new york post and the washington times not the new york times and the washington post--please forgive me--i'm gonna go slightly ad hominem on you--you appear to need a towel for evidently you are truly brainwashed--jeez--you're now siding with a chicom analysis of american society--what next--pol pot on the absence of human values in western civilization --al zawahiri on the inferiority of kufr/infidel consumerist mores--when youre talking about abuse of power--greed--denial of human rights-- of course you mean islamic societies or stalinist hard left ones or authoritarian kleptocratic ones or maybe even france --right--gawd--man--your rant is straight out of the pre hitler/stalin pact daily worker --its as if you are so blinded by a kind of adolescent rage for moral perfection and against authority that you can't see the positive sweep of history and bush engendered democratic reform that is happening all around you--read more hegel less marx--this is not good--i suggest you read martin peretz's article in the new republic this week about the surprising historical importance of george bush-- peretz has become a sane liberal who appears to operate on facts, not knee jerk puerile leftist outrage--ah what the fuck--i still love you anyway but oh boy--are you wrong!!


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