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Dear Mr. Velvel,

Thanks for your important column in Counterpunch today. I was also floored when I read what you had to say. I missed it, and I live in Minnesota! But those two bandits who are going to serve on our Supreme Court both must have known about it, and simply lied to the committee -- and got away with it. Shabby work all the way around. Don't mean to sound cynical about it, but that is no longer a surprise.

I hope you forwarded the column to Feingold, Kennedy, et al. Perhaps they can rally the troops to a filibuster -- though there have been so many setbacks in the last four years that one almost gives up hope of anything positive. I was in Nicaragua in 1986, and in Iraq several times between '86 and the Gulf War. Came back from both places outraged at America's role in those regions, and mighty depressed as well. Yet the disappointment, anger and depression over our activities around the globe have done nothing but accrue. Now they accumulate daily. I could bale them and feed 'em to livestock. I believe this is the most discouraging and frightening time in American history, and I was born just the week before Dolly Madison rescued Stuart's painting of George W from the White House, so I've seen most of it. Oh yes, there are lingering little flickers of hope, yes... Your column today was one. Thanks for your good counsel!

My best wishes,

Gary Holthaus
Red Wing, MN

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