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Re: Congress and the Constitutional Coup d' etat

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Subject: Congress and the Constitutional Coup d' etat

There are numerous instances of colleges and universities trashing the first amendment. There are numerous instances of K12 schools trashing the first amendment. There are numerous instances of Lincoln, Wilson and FDR trashing the Constitution. There are numerous instances of the Supreme Liars (SCOTUS) trashing the Constitution. Clinton and other presidents established Executives orders that amounted to legislation. You attack Cheney and Bush with childish hate speech.

James B. Smith

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Subject: The Constitutional Coup d'Etat

Dear Sir:

I very much enjoyed reading this column on You make some
quite excellent points. In a few of the questions you prepared for the
treasonous senators to ask Samuel Alito, you asked if the president should
have the power to do certain things, "if he feels that it is desirable or
necessary." This, for me, is quite a sticking point.

Bush and his cronies have been getting away with crying wolf over terrorists
for four years now. (I, for one thing, know for a fact that not only is the
government's entire story about why things happened in the manner that they
did on 9/11, which kicked all of this off, a lie from every conceivable
angle, but the government was, in fact, involved up to its hairline in
carrying out the attacks. As one independent 9/11 researcher put it, when
you confront the actual evidence, you don't know whether to laugh
uproariously over the stupidity of the government's story, or to scream in
disbelief that Americans still believe it.) Every time that this
administration is asked for proofs of its claims, it's the same old story.
National Security. As Commander-in-Chief, I'm not answerable to anybody for
my actions. You're either with us or against us. If you expose my treasonous
violations of the law, you're aiding "the enemy."

Did you know that not one of these 19 "terrorists" shows up on any one of
the boarding security videos at any one of the airports involved in the
administration's little play? That's game, set, match right there. Besides
the fact itself, isn't it obvious that if any one of these people were on
those videos, the administration, and its whores, liars and enablers in the
"mainstream" media, would have shoved them down your throat a thousand times
by now? And why is it that after four years, nobody can manage (and they're
trying, believe me) to pry loose from the FBI's fingers the videos that they
confiscated on 9/11, that show what really did hit the Pentagon? Hmm --
perhaps I'm going off on a bit of a tangent there. The point is, if he
"feels" that something is desirable or necessary, that isn't nearly enough.
It's way past time that Congress demand that he provide proof of his terror
claims, and that they bodily, and in no necessarily polite manner, shove
aside the nonsense that nothing at all can be revealed. Is it possible that
after four years, not one person in that body has thought of viewing these
videos, which would have destroyed the administration's lies immediately? As
a law professor yourself, what do you think would happen if a prosecutor
were to address a jury (that will never be read THEIR rights by any judge in
this country, by the way) thus: "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I have
incontrovertible evidence that the defendant did, in fact, murder 3,000
people, that he hijacked an aircraft and flew it into a building, and that
he managed to make the building collapse in a perfectly symmetrical manner,
just as in a controlled demolition, and largely pulverize the building into
dust. I have so much evidence, that we would be here for a month if I showed
it all to you. Unfortunately, I can't provide one piece of evidence to
validate any one of my claims. You'll just have to trust me. And if you
insist that I show you any evidence, then you are aiding a murderer." I'm
sure that he would have a long and distinguished career. Actually, I'm not
sure that he wouldn't, in this benighted clown kingdom.

As incredibly stupid, treasonous and dangerous as Bush is, however, the
worst traitors here are, in fact, Congress. There is finally talk of
impeachment, but after four years of supine, craven bootlicking by these
people, while Bush has made it plainly obvious that he is fighting to
concentrate all power in the Executive, just as Hitler did, I feel that the
only reason that the majority of them are talking about it is because the
tea leaves (polls, that is -- the new Holy Grail of politics) show them
having their backsides handed to them in next year's elections. If they
don't remove Bush from office soon, and this country attacks Iran, get ready
for all bloody hell to break loose. And get ready for Bush to try to appoint
himself President-for-Life, to protect us from everything and everybody on
the planet.

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