Thursday, January 19, 2006

Re: An "Extraordinary Circumstance."

January 19, 2006

Re: An "Extraordinary Circumstance."
From: Dean Lawrence R. Velvel

Dear Colleagues:

This shall be the shortest blog ever posted here.

The Boston Globe reported today that, in a Wednesday meeting of Democratic Senators regarding the Alito nomination, a Democrat who intends to vote for Alito said that not a single Democratic Senator argued that the Alito nomination presented an "extraordinary circumstance," the standard for a filibuster adopted by the gang of 14. My question is this: How in hell can it not be an "extraordinary circumstance" to put on the Supreme Court a man who refuses to say he will not vote for the vastly expanded executive power that will destroy our constitutional plan and turn our country into a de facto dictatorship, and whose prior record and statements indicate that he will vote to allow this dictatorial executive power? Does no one in the Democratic Party understand how Hitler became all powerful? -- do they think there will be no "extraordinary circumstances" until people are packed off to jails or concentration camps by the tens of thousands, as the Japanese Americans were? What the hell is the matter with the Democrats anyway?*

*This posting represents the personal views of Lawrence R. Velvel. If you wish to respond to this email/blog, please email your response to me at Your response may be posted on the blog if you have no objection; please tell me if you do object.

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