Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bankrupt Two-party System

January 18, 2005

Dear Colleagues:

The attached is a response from hoybean to a prior blog.

Lawrence R. Velvel


I can't help repeating something I previously mentioned to you. What has happened to the Democratic party. George Bush and his band of thieves are no surprise, but the Democrats???? Oh well, I'm a broken record, but we have a bankrupt two-party system in this country. Quite frankly, "this ain't no democracy neither."


p.s. Hope you are doing well. I'm staying busy by fighting windmills.


Alright. You are so intimidating. I really don't care if it goes on the blog; I just didn't think it was worthwhile. On the other hand (economist speaking here), this is the real story of contemporary politics -- isn't it? (rhetorical question) There is simply no organized and effective alternative/watch dog/political party to what are clearly lies and deception. Think about it. If the Democrats had been in power and pulled the crapola the Republications are engaged in, we would be having impeaching hearings. Think about Clinton getting us into a costly war based on a falsehood, and then constantly changing the rhetoric to match the newly-found facts. My G-d, the Republicans would be orating about values, truth, honesty, etc. It is this issue alone which makes me sick and which has forced me to disassociate myself from the Democrats. I am far from alone.


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