Wednesday, January 12, 2005

...Torture Memo Writers...light in their Loafers

January 12, 2005

Dear Colleagues:

The attached was received from a person who wishes to use his blog nickname of Hulugu.

Lawrence R. Velvel

larry--not being an ideologue--i usually try to keep informed about both sides of an argument--of course being of the "heads on pikes" school of total war i.e., going medieval on islamic medievalists seems somehow symmetrically appropriate--i find the "torture" memo writers a little light in their loafers--but i always take the long historical amnesiac view instead of the current legalistic footnoted rationale-- being of a mind that history could care less about the goody two-shoes details of victory-- only that it occurred--kind of like a curtis lemay "bombs over tokyo" approach is usually what works for me--i like my enemies dead or demoralized--


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