Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Re: Fooling and Signing Up Reservists and National Guardsmen For Iraq

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Re: Fooling and signing up reservists and national guardsmen for Iraq

Dear Larry:

A logical piece of analysis, as usual. Let's not forget one fact that was the basis for a musical production, "Roar of the Grease Paint, Sound of the Crowd." One can proffer an illogical premise and once accepted, otherwise illogical actions become acceptable. In the case of Iran, if one believes -- as so many seem to -- that Iran is full of terrorists that attacked this country, and that the only way to deal with these animals that do not honor codes of war (sic), is to fight them on their own terms. Ergo, we must do whatever it takes to win: (1) kill the innocent as collateral damage (2) torture prisoners into confessions (3) destroy families, homes and businesses (4) force them to vote for our candidate, and last but far from least (5) exploit our volunteer military because this is what they signed up for. Otherwise, we will become the core of a mushroom cloud, twirling and spinning into perpetuity.

You pal,


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