Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Re: Paul Krugman’s May 28th Article On The Free Pass The Media Gave To Bush

Dear Colleagues:

This weblog regularly berates the media for its failure to inquire into and discuss crucial problems, especially with regard to war. So it is only fair to say that, in an op-ed article on page A23 of The New York Times on May 28th, Paul Krugman wrote an excellent piece discussing the media’s long failure to tell the truth about G.W. Bush and his policies, and discussing the reasons for that long failure. Some of the reasons given by Krugman are the media’s fault, and some are the Administration’s fault. But as one who sometimes thinks that Krugman’s work reads like a leftist screed, I am moved to say that his article of May 28th has a constant ring of truth. As well, some of the reasons Krugman discusses doubtlessly bear on the incompetent pre-war reporting about which The New York Times has recently been beating its breast after vivid criticisms of The Times by others. Krugman’s column really should be read by persons interested in the free pass long given Bush by the press and the reasons for this abysmal journalistic performance.

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