Sunday, May 30, 2004

You are entitled to your political opinion...

Posted from eMail to the Dean:
Dear Dr. Level:

You are entitled to your political opinion and you definitely have a right to place this on the internet. My problem is not with you[r] positions (as I agree with so it myself). My problem is that I received this email from you, either through a Latin American Studies Association, The American Sociological Association or American Society of Criminologts listserve. All of which are enaged in the study of society. I do not know how your BLOG came to be on these association's listserves. My reply was not to you, but intended as direct reply to whoever placed this posting on one of these listserves (If it was you who did post this, then my reply was meant for you. If you please let me know which listserve you posted this on I will unsuscribe immediately).

Clearly, your posting was based upon conjecture, as you made no effort to provide any resemblance of objective fact. Instead, like so much leftist and rightist ranting and raving found on all mediums, it leads us nowhere in understanding any of these issues.

I guess the old saying is true, that unless you know who your adience is, you should not politics [ideology or religion [theology]. I [understand] that there is place for activism in this world, but like the immenent scholar Max Weber, I believe that it should be seperated from the scientific investigation of society. Thus, my issue with your opinions bering voiced but instead my objection rests with presenting your opinions on a medium that can be construed as scientific. There are other venues throughout many mediums of communication (on the web and off), were this would be appropriate.

Ultimately, I would not like this fulfilling up my email account and not having my time wasted by hearing extremist ramblings of the left and the right.


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