Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Re: The Times’ News Judgment In Its Obits Of June 7th.

Dear Dean Velvel,

Congratulations for another excellent post and important point.

I have not written for some time but have watched, very comfortably installed rather than in front of the computer, the DVD of the "Presidential Conference." which is still a burning actuality. There is much food for thought in the more than enlightened comments made by you and your colleagues on the continuing crisis in government. I think even a deepening crisis such as we have never known, worse than during the Vietnam war since the Cheney gang learned many lessons in the devious manner by which to deceive the population and bury their most treasured and vital projects from the public eye, especially that of establishing all the tools necessary for a total take over of the country. I hope I am overly pessimistic but the private air and tank armed armies are particularly troublesome.

I also found the book reviews than I enjoy immensely

I want to add a point to your critique of the media, since not only do they ignore the core issues but they turn their backs on the readers and public viewers. They play to the power wielders and to each other. Recently, they spend much of their time defending one or the other of their own rather than discussing the issues as you pointed out. One cannot but wonder if they see the issues at all. It may be that they agree with this rogue government, some very obliviously do. (the reaction to the Libby verdict)

It looks as though in the midst of an ocean of Presidential candidates we are in the situation of, "Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink."

I also found the book reviews than I enjoy immensely.

Best regards,

Gwenn Seyrig