Monday, May 07, 2007

Let's Hear It For Hillary

May 7, 2007

Re: Let’s Hear It For Hillary.

From: Dean Lawrence R. Velvel

Here is a poem quick
About another move putatively slick
By Hillary,
The woman of two faces
Who now before us places
A bill to repeal the war’s authorization
As a means to require its cessation;
Knowing the bill would be vetoed,
Knowing this could not be overrode
Because the needed two-thirds is lacking.
Since peace in this country has insufficient backing;
Knowing her bill would mean only more of the same --
More deaths by the thousands in today’s “Great Game”;
Knowing that even if the bill by a true miracle were passed
(Which can’t happen) Bush would ignore it to the last
Dead American or Iraqi,
Claiming that his commander-in-chief authority
Gives him power to continue this atrocity
But seeking cover Hillary does pretend
That we should support a phony bill to end
The war. It enables her to circumvent the important question,
One the media collusively will not mention
Of a bill immediately cutting off all funds for the war
Except money needed to protect troops withdrawing from the blood effusing sore.
It enables Hillary to avoid doing what’s best
Lest support she lose in her Presidential quest,
And enables her -- like the media, Bush and almost all other fellow pols --
to continue with their barefaced lies
That say a bill cutting off funds would jeopardize
The troops, who supposedly would lack
Funds needed to fight off enemy attack --
Which is complete bullshit from Bush, Democrats, Republicans, the media --
from them all,
Because a bill terminating monies can say funds nonetheless can be used
to protect troops during withdrawal.*

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