Monday, June 05, 2006

Subject: Moral rot and methods to madness...

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From: John Rockwell
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 12:02 PM
Subject: Moral rot and methods to madness...

Dear Mr. Velvel,

I have been studying Mr. Bush’s modus operandi, and it appears to me that there is a method to the current madness of allowing a raid on a congressional office and then of sealing the documents for 45 days. Like the 45 day “review” for the Dubai ports deal, the President is just relying on the failed memories of “the people” to move on with more pressing matters like how they are going to pay for the gas to get to work this week, pay for groceries, and who to complain to about all this illegal immigration going on.

I think within the 45 day review time, Mr. Bush will find that suddenly some of those “principled” members of congress – the holdouts not willing to have effigies with their names written on them burned by “the people” over the great illegal immigration debacle on Capitol Hill – will decide he has the goods on them, too, and just let it all “drop.” Mr. Hastert’s intensive sweating and billowing allows me to make this prediction with complete confidence.

The senators and representatives will stop their whining, the President will have his immigration “reform” bill signed, sealed, and delivered with no “signing statement” necessary this time, and the congress can go back to doing what they all do best, taking bribes and hiding them with the frozen mackerel.

And Mr. Gonzales? Well, if the issue ever does come up again (I am still waiting for “the people” to ask the million dollar question, “So, whatever did happen with that Dubai ports deal?”), he will simply state that he erred on the side of law enforcement but asks forgiveness. Mr. Bush will predictably either forgive him or accept his resignation which Mr. Gonzales has so magnanimously offered to prove his credibility and dedication to being the “top law enforcement officer of Mexic” - oops! I mean America.

Forgive me for being glib and completely trusting in our president and congress. Since I get no satisfaction out of knowing the depth of corruption of our government, at least I get some amount of sordid satisfaction in sitting back and making predictions on their behavior. So far, if I were a beating gal, I’d be rich and rather than having to write silly “constituent” letters of protest, I could be having some REAL impact by affording to make bribes as well. Alas, I am a poor gal and just one of “the people."

I enjoyed your article.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Karen Rockwell
Chugiak, Alaska