Friday, April 21, 2006

Subject: From Howard Gardner

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Subject: From Howard Gardner

> March 16, 2006
> To Dean Lawrence Velvel
>>From Howard Gardner
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> Many thanks for sending me your collected blogs. I am pleased to have them
> and hope to have a chance to look through them before long. As you may
> know, I have been pretty close to the Summers' situation at Harvard and
> you were certainly on to some of the problems well before other observers.
> Regardless of where various faculty members stood on the matter, most of
> us are relieved that this particular Larry is moving on and that Derek Bok
> will be the interim president. I hope that Harvard will not provide
> material for you in the near future-there are more than enough serious
> problems in the wider world to keep us all very busy.
> With best wishes.
> Howard Gardner
> Hobbs Professor of Education and Cognition
> Harvard Graduate School of Education
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