Friday, April 21, 2006

Re: From Howard Gardner

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From: "hgasst"
To: "Dean Lawrence R. Velvel"
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Subject: Re: From Howard Gardner

> Yes, I have worried about this as well. Elena is very well thought of,
> across the university, and perhaps she can rise above the plagiarism
> incidents. Alas, only those of us (and I refer here to myself) who have
> avoided adminstration altogether have any chance of having completely
> clean hands in these affairs. Even my good friend Jim Freedman, who is
> dying at this hour and comes as close to the ideal Univ President as
> anyone I know, did things-- and failed to do things-- as President of
> Dartmouth that he wishes he had not done.
> Obviously, this is just between us-- I value the opportunity to 'converse'
> on a background level.
> Best wishes, howard

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