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...Well, the responses are certainly interesting and reflect the range of emotions that the Sectional debates still generate! Prof. Boyle's rather heated remarks were quite surprising in their vehemence. It is obvious that she has a very distorted and uninformed view of the South - "New" or "Old" - and it is unlikely that we will ever make headway in dissuading her from her beliefs that the southern part of the land and all of its inhabitants are racist, bigotted thugs... I could recount tales of such excesses in the North, too, but what would be gained by that? ...Really a sad sad thing for someone in such a position of influence. By the way, I am a big fan of AI, for what that's worth...

As I write this, I hear that our dear President will address the nation next Wednesday to promote his latest version of "Surge and Purge". Since Gulf War I, this country - our country - has been embarked on a course of nothing less than genocide against the people of Iraq. Bush I and II and Clinton I have killed - yes, killed as in MURDERED - more than a million innocents in that unhappy land. When you add in the deaths in Afghanistan and Somalia and the Balkans, then we really begin to get some numbers of significance. ...And Prof. Boyle is upset about cases gone bad in the South?

Let me say this as clearly as possible... The problem before us is not a backward or unreformed red-neck South (and, remember, one could generate similar statements about injustices in the North); rather, the problem is our entire nation! It has become psychopathic (and, I am using this in a true clinical sense) in its leadership and its actions. The world is being pushed nearer and nearer to the edge of irreversible disaster - not by communists, not by Muslim hordes, not by neo-Yanks or Neo-Rebs - but, by our own US Government - by Amerika, Inc., in all its bloody glory!!! By our silence - our lack of action - all of us venting and discussing here via this forum are complicit in this criminal insanity. We seem happy to be stuck mentally in the 1860's and hold on to our myths and prejudices and whine about relatively minor problems. Perhaps, that is a defense mechanism for us in the face of impending catastrophe of global proportions? We can yell and scream at our neighbor, feel superior and righteous, shake our fingers in each other's face and feel satisfied that we are fighting for "the " cause!

Again, we must get past these old sectional rivalries and work together to try and make things better! Like it or not we're in the same fucking bus and it is headed over a cliff at 80 miles an hour! It really doesn't matter at this point in time who is sitting in the back of the vehicle...

In solidarity for a better America...


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