Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Re: Congress and the Constitutional Coup D'Etat

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Subject: Congress and the Constitutional Coup D'Etat

Dean Velvel:

I concur with you and Charlie. It appears to me the United States government will indeed be successful in dominating the world's governments and peoples (including its own) economically and militarily. What or who is going to stop them? As we may all realize, certainly not our domestic population. A siege will be placed on Iran (economic sanctions) to starve them out. If that doesn't work in a timely manner, bombing will. Once Iran falls, the other "rogue" states will fall in line and do as they are told by Washington or be bombed. Read the recent Quadrinnial Defense Review. China and Russia are not our enemies. They are our trading partners. They and we do not have allies, we have interests, primarily economic ones. The world's peoples and governments will be ruled by a consensus view between these three governments, with the U.S. as senior partner. Welcome to totalitarianism, rule by fear (Terror). Those who do not fear will be imprisoned or executed. It is amazing how close what is going on today politically matches what Arendt described 50 years ago in "On the Origins of Totalitarianism." We have too much of a blindly obedient, submissive to authority, passive, depoliticized, de-educated population that has been conditioned to have all the virtues and vices of a slave. A billion or more people are going to be killed before this is all over, if ever.


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