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I believe NASA does not conduct surveillance. It is NSA, the National Security Agency. NSA has been conducting surveillance for years, mainly against the Soviets and other naughty countries.

How do we galvanize the average American, who is a moron, and thinks Patio Furniture is an Irishman?


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Subject: Additional Questions For The Senate re 9/11

Greetings, Larry

Would 'reasonable men' conclude, after reviewing all of the information available re 9/11, that because there has not been another 'terrorist' (false flag Operation) on US soil, the initial attack on the WTC in 2001 was "allowed" if not orchestrated by the Bush Administration?

And who benefits from such a fiasco? No bid contracts to firms repeatedly required to repair 'terrorized' facilities? A Justification for war in Afghanistan and a preemptive attack on Iraq?

A perpetual state of War now exists providing extraordinary powers 'claimed' by the president whose administration has showered us with terrorist fears of pending doom 'in the form of mushroom clouds' and the echoes of WMD for more than four years. We now know those claims were blatantly false. So, when is a lie not a lie?

The Power To Wage War provided to the president by voting members of Congress has evolved and morphed into unspoken justification for warrantless searches and wire tapping under the guise of 'national security' for the past four years, unknown to US citizens. Is there any legal Right on the books that cannot be usurped by the utterance of 'national security'?

Reasonable men would conclude that a vast conspiracy has taken hold of this country which placed the world on a war footing and gripped Americans in fear and anger similar to that which was fostered by the Pearl Harbor 'sneak' attack. How quaint.

If this information was compiled by a prosecutor and presented to a jury of 'reasonable' men and women, the preponderance of the 'evidence', circumstantial and otherwise, would compel that jury of reasonable men and women to reach a verdict of guilt for the charge of treason and conspiracy to commit mass murder by current and past members of the Bush administration.



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Subject: Re: Congress And The Constitutional Coup D'Etat

Lawrence --

The Bill Gallagher to whom you refer writes a weekly column for the Niagara Falls Reporter. He's a dyed-in-the-wool progressive and a thoughtful, though plain-spoken critic of the Bush administration, etc. Whatever his politics and outlook, the guy is an all-American citizen. (I have exchanged a few e-mails with him, and he receives my modest e-mail op-ed newsletter, in which I occasionally use one of his columns. Link to the newspaper is Internal link to Gallagher's column will be in the home page.

Since I could not do a reply-all to your message, you may wish to pass this information along to the group. Some will enjoy his columns, and some will hate them.

Joe Burgess
aka The Green-Dog Democrat

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Subject: kudos

Well done on LRC. Thanks.


"Social commentary that makes sense, if you think about it".

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Subject: The Usurpers of Our Freedoms

Great column, thank you! I hope you get a lot of positive feedback on this, as there are a lot of us hoping and pressing for impeachment.

Joe in Washington state

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