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I have finally read your lengthy blog entry of 4/22/05, about the plagiarism charges at the Law School and how they were handled. For some of the reasons that you stated, I am uncomfortable with the disposition of these charges.

In the past months I have given a great deal of thought to the operation of Harvard, a university with which I have been happily and proudly associated for nearly 45 years. I used to feel comfortable with the 'hush hush' ways in which decisions are made and communicated at the
University--like a benign dictatorship (and I dont mean to push the analogy), when it works well, this can make life easy for everyone concerned.

But after recent events, I feel differently. When scholars at Harvard (and other places) study institutions, they almost always call for greater transparency. I now believe that greater transparency is needed at Harvard-- particularly with respect to the operation of the very secretive Corporation, and how the ad hoc panels to which you refer are chosen and how they 'report out.' While I feel that your blog often overstates matters, many of the points that you make are important and deserve wide circulation among those who care about Harvard (as I very much do) and other influential institutions of higher education.

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